Our commitment is led by a distinct understanding of holistic communication.

For more than 20 years, we have been developing and realizing efficient communication strategies and have a reputation as a renowned expert in establishing brands and products. An open-minded corporate culture, quality and style are the foundation of our approach towards clients, media, influencers and service contractors.


A well-positioned and educated team consisting of 15 mainly long-term employees looks with personal and professional commitment after the individual needs of our clients.


Our corporate culture is led by a number of values.

The joy of communication and the enthusiasm for new ideas form the essential ESPRIT for the interaction with people and brands.

The key to a successful realization is INITIATIVE.

OPENNESS is the prerequisite for a constructive and harmonic dialogue with clients, media, influencers and service contractors.

A high amount of PROFESSIONALISM reflects expertise.

Our high standards express themselves in a constantly outstanding QUALITY.

RESPECT towards people, brands and products is the foundation for success and harmony.

An excellent SERVICE demonstrates our compassion for continuous excellence.

The distinctiveness of brands and products is accentuated by a high sense of STYLE.

Constructive TEAMWORK is the fundament of trustful consulting.